Terra Madre Salone del Gusto Press review

The international press campaign to promote Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, which was held in Torino from September 22 to 26 2022, began around mid-March with the launch of the first press release.

For the first time ahead of a physical event the press office organized on June 8 an online press conference to highlight the claim and the main themes, supported by a press kit in English, French, German and Spanish.

Over the summer three conferences were organized in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency (ITA/ICE) to further promote the event in Germany, United Kingdom and Belgium.

In the months prior to the event 31 press releases shave been sent in English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese to an average of 9000 contacts each. In addition two releases were sent in Albanian, Polish, Dutch and Russian, one in Bulgarian, Japanese, Romanian, Croatian, Greek, Macedonian. Some of those were dedicated to the national presence at Terra Madre, while others focused on international projects.

3 invitations addressed to over 10,000 contacts from the international press inviting journalists to the main Terra Madre conferences and events and 3 press kits were produced in English, French, Spanish and German, in order to facilitate the access to information when presenting the event to journalists. Those press kits were digitally sent after the first online press conference and physically given to them on the occasion of the events in Germany, UK and Belgium.

At Terra Madre Salone del Gusto the press office welcomed 163 journalists from 51 countries.

Since March 15, more than 600 articles have been published, recording a total readership of 833M, which corresponds to an Ad equivalency of $3,3M.

Many articles addressed Slow Food main environmental, political and climate policies and actions, which allowed Slow Food to act once more as the Food Movement. Just to mention a few, articles on the international TIME Magazine, on the Spanish El País and on the French Médiapart addressed Slow Food political views on climate change, agroecology and the future of the organisation within the country. Other local media focused more on the presence of national delegations at the event. Many media outlets kept on describing the gastronomic side of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto as one of the assets of the event, which gives the unique opportunity of discovering food from all over the world. Overall, all articles gave a positive feedbacks of the event and of the communities present in Torino.


Here you find a selection of the published articles all around the world.

Albania – Agjencia Telegrafike Shiqiptare 

Albania – Lajmi Fundit 

Albania – 360Grade

Argentina – Daily Web 

Argentina – El Diario

Argentina, El territorio

Australia – Noosa Today

Australia – Northern Valley News

Austria – Regionews 

Belgium – De Standaard

Bolivia – Correo del Sur  https://correodelsur.com/opinion/20220810_en-turin-la-14a-edicion-de-tierra-madre.html

Brazil – BOL

Bulgaria –  DiVino.bg

Cambodia – Agence Kampuchea presse

Cambogia – Khmer Post

Cambogia – Phnom Penh Post

Canada – Ashinanabeknews

Canada – The Hub

Canada – The Hub

China – Atai News

Dominican Republic – Diario Hispaniola

Dominican Republic – El Caribe

Dominican Republic – El Nacional

Dominican Republic – Info Tour

France – France Culture 

France – Médiapart

France –  PaysSud

France –  Tendence Hotellerie

Germany – An den vier Enden der Welt

Germany – Die Zeit

Germany – Filstalexpress

International – Ansa

International – Breaking Latest News

International – EFE 

International – Forbes

International – Monocle podcast  

International – Teller Report

International – Thin Ink 

International – The Limited Times

International – Europe.cities 

Iceland – Veitingangerinn

Macedonia – Frontline

Macedonia – Kulart.mk

Macedonia – Nezavisen

Macedonia – Nova Makedonika

Macedonia – Plusinfo

Macedonia – Republika

Macedonia – Time.mk https://time.mk/r/c/88f94e49cf/

Mauritius – Maurice Infos

Mexico – Diario de Xalapa 

Mexico – La voz de la frontera

New Zealand – Restaurant and café 

Nigeria – Latest Nigerian News 

Paraguay – ABC

Peru – La Republica

Peru – Servindi

Philippines – Agriculture Magazine

Philippines – The Manila Bulletin

Philippines – Business Mirror

Philippines – SunStar 

Poland – Aktualnosci News

Poland – Krytyk Kulinariny 

Romania – Agricolturae

Romania – Radio Romania International

Romania – Refleqtmedia

Romania – Turda News

Romania – Ziare Live

Romania – Ziarul 21 https://www.ziarul21.ro/actualitate/centrul-gastronomic-turda-prezent-la-expozitia-slow-food-heroes-de-la-torino/

Saudi Arabia – World Akkam

Saudi Arabia  – World Akkam

Spain – Gastroactitud

Spain  – El debate

Spain – El País

Spain – El País

Spain – El País

Spain – La Vanguardia

Spain – Periodismo positivo

Spain – Professional Horeca

Switzerland – Das Pauli Magazin

Tajikistan – The World News

Tanzania – Diramakini

Tunisia – La Presse

Tanzania – Makala

Tanzania – Matukio daimia

Turkey – 24 Kucuk Menderes

Turkey – Dakika61.net

Turkey –  Ray Haber

Ukraine – TCH

Ukraine – UA Retaila

United Kingdom – Lemongrove

United Kingdom – Wicked Leaks

USA –  Heritage Radio Network

USA – Food Tank 

USA – Fox 28

USA – Iway Magazine

USA – TIME Magazine

USA – Wine Predator


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