France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto

Turin, Italy, 22-26 September
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The 14th edition of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto will take place in Turin from September 22-26, 2022. Terra Madre, the largest gathering of the Slow Food network, aims at designing a different future for food, a future that takes shape through the daily choices of individuals, in the collective efforts of communities, and in the policies of both public and private institutions. Over 3000 delegates from 130 countries and more than 700 exhibitors will participate in the event.

Slow Food’s delegation from France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany consists of about 128 people. The Netherlands will be the most represented country from the region, with 56 delegates coming to Turin this year, followed by Germany with 46 people. The delegates from France will be 21 and from Belgium 5. They all are really active in their countries and will bring to Turin their knowledge for the RegenerActions educational activities and their cooking abilities for the Kitchen of Terra Madre.

France, The Netherlands and Germany will also be present at the Market of Terra Madre with their products and producers. The French producers will be two: the winemaker Earl des deux Vallèes from Sion and Guayapi from Paris which commercializes traditional plants from their lands of origin, such as Sri Lanka and Amazonia. The Market of Terra Madre will also host Antonia’s Mosterd & Delicatessen, a small artisanal mustard factory based in Heeten, Netherlands, the Wadden Sea Traditional Fishers and a new Slow Food Presidium, a spirit called Dutch Eau de Vie. Germany will be represented by Talenteco Gmbh, based in Berlin, green partner of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, and Kulmbacher, a brewery based in Kulmbach.

Slow Food France will take part in Terra Madre Salone del Gusto with many activities such as the presentation of the projects about Slow Bread, the École Comestible and the Fromages Naturels de France.

On Friday 23 at 5,30 pm within the Kyoto Hall Larissa Mies Bombardi, Brazilian professor who currently lives in Belgium, will be one of the speakers of the conference Loving the Earth, together with the French analyst Virginie RaissonVictor. They will talk about the good practices we can use to manage the land, the water, and coexist with all the other living beings on this planet.

On Sunday 25 at 11 am Luis Barraud, consultant in ecological and agroecological transition, will take part in the forum There is no alternative to agroecology at Gino Strada Arena. On the same day at 4.30 pm, Ernst Hart, Maria Geuze and Dominic Van Asseldonk, from Slow Food Netherlands, will share their experience advocating for better food policies during the advocacy workshop The Slow Food Youth Academy: Solutions in Common at Youth Tourism Agriculture. They will dialogue with David Peacock and Janina Marie Renée Hielscher who will bring their experience on local food policies in Germany.

It will also be possible to taste wines from the French Alsac and the German Mosel during the Taste Workshop No Borders Wine at Punt e Mes Hall (Eataly Lingotto) and Beaufort during the Frontier Cheese Taste Workshop at the Wine Room (Parco Dora). Besides, at 5.30 pm at Kyoto Hall Serge Latouche, French economist, philosopher and promoter of degrowth, will take part in the conference The Right To Food: Fighting For Social And Environmental Justice about the food system.

On Monday 26 at 11 during the RegenerActions educational activity Raising the Bar, the cosmetics artisans Leanne and Sylvain of the Slow Food Béarn Convivium in France will teach to the participants how to make soap at home transforming oils, aromatic herbs and items regarded as waste (animal fats) according to ancient recipes. At 1 pm, Roquefort will be the protagonist of the Taste Workshop Dangerous Liaisons: Vermouth And Aged Cheese at UniCredit Room 1.

Meet the delegates

Beyond the official program, many delegates from Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands will be present at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto:


  • From Belgium we will welcome Jean Trésor Mukanga Dyasakoyi, spokesperson of the Belgian Slow Food community and part of the Slow Food Youth Network. He also is the spokesperson of the Convivium Promotion, Protection et régénération de la Tshuapa et de la Tshopo of the Congo Republic.


  • Bastien Beaufort, coordinator of Slow Food Youth Network in France, will represent the association in Turin with the food activist Maya Brantzega and the consultant in ecological and agroecological transition Luis Barraud.

  • The food activist Christian Connaulte and the researcher Pierre Mollo will bring to Turin their experience as part of the Slow Fish network in France.

  • Claude Ravel is a French food activist and founder of the grocery initiative From the Land to the Roots of Food whose aim is to present and distribute products of the Slow Food Ark of Taste. She also organizes events and awareness-raising sessions on good, clean and fair products in the Guayapi showroom.

  • Amadou Cisse of the Indigenous Peoples Network and Migrants Network in France.

  • Some of the producers of the Slow Food Presidium Brousse du Rove will be in Turin for Terra Madre Salone del Gusto. They recently obtained the AOP certification after several years thanks to Slow Food support.


  • Turin will host 26 people who are part of the German association of the Slow Food Youth Network.

  • Cecilia Antoni is a blogger and representative of Slow Beans in Germany. She founded the blog Bean Beat, where she publishes recipes with peas, beans and other legumes, and she created the online shop Bohnikat.

  • Vod-Anaclet Onyumbe is the main coordinator of the Indigenous Peoples Network in Germany. He will be in Turin with the agronomist Ramin Nabizadah, who is part both of the Indigenous Peoples Network and the Migrants Network, and the medical technician Nasar Ahmad Barakzaie of the Migrants Network.

  • Lena Bächer, member of the German Slow Food Youth Network, is part of Slow Fish. She is now in a program for M.Sc. Fish Biology, Fisheries and Aquaculture, first at University of South Bohemia und Budweis, now HU Berlin. She writes for the professional journal “Fischer & Teichwirt”.

The Netherlands

  • Marrit Kyung Ok Schakel is an organic farmer based in Hoogmade, Netherlands, and is part of the Migrants Network.

  • Jur Jacobs, Annemarie Snoek and Barbara Simone Rodenburg will be the three representatives of the Dutch Slow Fish network. They support and promote small-scale fishing, create a network between fishermen and value the resources of the Netherlands.

  • Ernst Hart is a board member of Slow Food Netherlands and part of the Slow Wine Coalition.

  • in Turin there will be 23 members of Slow Food Youth Network from The Netherlands.

Here you find the full program of the event.

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is organized by Slow Food, Piedmont Region and City of Turin. The event has been made possible by the support of companies who believe in the values and objectives of the event, including Main Partners: Iren, Lavazza, Parmigiano Reggiano, Pastificio di Martino, QBA – Quality Beer Academy, Reale Mutua and UniCredit; Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione CRT, Consulta delle Fondazioni di origine bancaria del Piemonte e della Liguria.

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