Terra Madre Salone del Gusto Conferences and Arenas’ debates

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto conferences have always been the central stage for reflection on the main themes linked to food policies and to the future of food from the social, environmental and cultural point of view. This year five main conferences help participants answer the main questions linked to Regeneration.

Regeneration: how and why?

Together with the public, experts, writers, philosophers, architects and professors try to define the links between regeneration and the food system and how it can respond to the climate, ecological and social emergencies we face. Another topic is what regeneration means for agriculture and in terms of social justice and equity. And finally, how to promote regeneration of the food system in our cities and how we can regenerate the food system through our own choices.


Among Terra Madre Salone del Gusto guests, we welcome Raj Patel, economist, journalist and writer, best known for his book Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System, Telmo Pievani, philosopher, evolutionist and Professor of Philosophy of Biological Sciences at the University of Padua; Michael Moss, reporter for the New York Times and author of Salt Sugar Fat: How the food giants hooked us; Carolyn Steel, architect and author of Sitopia: how food can save the world, which offers a provocative vision of our prospects on an overcrowded, overheated planet; Elena Granata, associate professor of Urban Studies at the Polytechnic of Milan, author of Biodivercity, open, creative and sustainable cities that change the world for Slow Food Editore, Rupa Marya, physician, activist, artist and writer, Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco and the founder and executive director of the Deep Medicine Circle, a worker-directed nonprofit committed to healing the wounds of colonialism through food, medicine, story, learning and restoration.

The five conferences are free to attend and will also be available online, where the audience will also participate in surveys, quizzes and receive other reading materials.

Regeneration in the Arena

Regeneration is also on the table at the meetings in the Arenas, special spaces where anthropologists, ecologists, educators as well as farmers, herders, fishers, cooks and members of the Slow Food network share their experiences, projects and solutions and offer their own vision of the environment, agriculture and food system they aim to.

Here you find the full programme https://2022.terramadresalonedelgusto.com/en/conferences/

Regeneration through innovative immersive digital spaces

Terra Madre will feature for the first time a digital portal: a space connecting people across the globe, as if in the same room. The immersive space of the portal, allowing for live conversations with people in other parts of the world, together with the unique stories of the Slow Food communities worldwide and the contributions of partners and experts alike, will harness the potential of the global network.

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