Terra Madre Nordic: 200 Slow Food activists and an exciting program of presentations, conferences and debates

Copenhagen Meat Packing District, April 27-29


Terra Madre Nordic is a gathering and celebration of the Nordic Slow Food network of small-scale, high-quality producers, activists, academics, and cooks.

The opening ceremony will take place at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 28, in the Marketplace, where 80 exhibitors from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, The Faroe Islands, Åland, and Sápmi will showcase their products.

We look forward to welcoming Carlo Petrini (founder and president of Slow Food), Katrine Klinken (Slow Food International Council member for the Nordic Region), Leif Sørensen (chef and co-signer of the New Nordic Food Manifesto), Bodil Cornell (Director of Eldrimner), and Christian Puglisi (Chef and Restaurateur), among others.

Slow Food in the Nordic countries will present the vision and strategic goals for the Slow Food network across the Nordic countries. The intention is to develop a set of common goals for sustainable food production and consumption in the region.

One of the collective challenges for the Nordic region is unsustainable fishing practices: In the Nordic Slow Fish space, a broad range of topics related to fisheries and sustainable, traditional fishing methods will be presented. There will be opportunities to learn more about food diversity and innovation in the region through several workshops and presentations, with topics including:

Sustainable use of undervalued wild fish (Finland)

Seaweed in the kitchen and on the plate (Iceland and more)

The Slow Food Presidium from Thorupstrand (Denmark)

The Nordic Slow Cheese program will focus on the challenges and achievements of high-quality cheesemakers in the Nordic countries. There will be discussions around building stronger networks between producers, as well as guided tastings of some of the most outstanding cheese and dairy products of the region.

The program will include:

Cheese tasting with Bo Jensen (Norway)

What is real Skyr? (Iceland)

Cheese tasting with Eldrimner (Sweden)


World Disco Soup Day, organized by the Copenhagen Slow Food Youth Network, will take place from 17:00-20:30 on Saturday, April 28.

What is a Disco Soup? Disco Soup is an action to fight against food waste in which volunteers are invited to collect, wash, clean, cut, and cook leftover foods (usually from the farmers’ market) or any food that would go to waste because of, for example, not conforming to commercial aesthetic standards. Moreover, it is a gastronomic, artistic, and musical event that brings together youth, students, children, the elderly, cooks, and everyone fighting in the battle against food waste. It is also a transformation tool that brings together diverse knowledge for education and awareness. The soup will be served for free in the Københavns Madhus yard.


To find out more about the many other events and opportunities in the program, visit www.tmn18.com

For more information on Slow Food, visit old.slowfood.com/

Facebook: Terra Madre Nordic 2018

Instagram: terramadrenordic

Twitter: @TerraNordic

For more information, please contact project manager and leader of Slow Food Copenhagen, Johan K. Dal: [email protected] or +45 20760674

Slow Food International Press Office: [email protected]

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