Terra Madre Day in Mawphlang

10 December is celebrated annually as Slow Food International’s Terra Madre (Mother Earth) Day. This is the day when Slow Food’s network of farmers, herders, fisher folks, cooks, students and young people and partners such as The Indigenous Partnership, led by Bah Phrang Roy, come together to proclaim that a sustainable food revolution begins from local roots. In 2010 there were more than 1150 events over 120 countries.

The Khatar Shnong Socio Organisation (KSO) Sohra and the William Boys Home, Mawphlang with support of The Indigenous Partnership, Slow Food International, NERCORMP, MRDS, the Directorate of Horticulture, the Meghalaya Water Foundation and Hima Mawphlang will organize a Festival on 10 December in Mawphlang. Keeping in line with the Terra Madre Day celebrations around the world, this Festival will also be called the Mei-Ramew Festival, to honour Khasi, Garo and Ao Naga traditional local food systems. The Festival will start at 10:00 and there will be about 20 stalls of local food prepared by different Khasi, Garo and Ao Naga communities. There will also be Seminars where local communities can share ideas of networking locally and globally.

A Chef from the ITC Hotels of India has come to join in the Festival and share ideas with local Chefs concerned about good, clean and fair food and with young people who are eager to promote a better food future. There will be environmentally inspiring games for young students and the Youth 4 Change (Y4C) young people will demonstrate Zero Waste cuisines.

Last year for the Terra Madre Day on November 17, the Mawphlang Wiliiam Boys Home organized a Food Festival inaugurated by Carlo Petrini, Founder and President of Slow Food. The event brought together local communities to demonstrate and display their local cuisines. The event also encouraged communities from diverse backgrounds to share ideas and have open discussions.

Find out more about Slow Food: old.slowfood.com
Find out more about Terra Madre www.terramadre.org

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