Sydney Press Conference

The conference took place at Simon Johnson’s, one of Sydney’s finest food stores and cooking schools. A fitting location considering that Simon will be in Italy this October to present a selection of Australian foods at the Salone.

Among the thirty guests present were some of Australia’s most influential and widely published food and wine journalists. To name a few, Margaret Alcock, Food Editor of Vogue Entertaining and Travel, Lyndey Milan, Food Director of Australian Women’s Weekly (Australia’s most widely circulated magazine), Lynne Testoni, Editor of Australian Table Magazine and Cherry Ripe of the Australian Newspaper.

The presentation consisted of an overview of the main themes of this year’s Salone; Education of Taste and Biodiversity, plus a run through of the programme of Taste Workshops. The Governor of Slow Food Australia, James Broadway also spoke to the media with an update of events and developments in convivia throughout the country.

To conclude the afternoon, aperitifs were kindly provided by Simon Johnson; Australian Farmhouse Cheeses, Australian pure rainwater from King Island and wines from Joseph, one of South Australia’s finest vineyards.

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