Slow Wine Magazine – New publication from Slow Food Editore about the Italian world of wine launches today

Slow Wine Magazine, a new digital magazine by Slow Food Editore that aims at providing a fresh look at the Italian wine scene, launches today. The magazine will be published six times a year in Italian, English and German. Each issue, approximately 55 pages long, will be put together with the help of enological experts from all over Italy.

“A completely digital magazine, produced in English, Italian and German, it will present our authoritative and independent vision of the wine world,” says Giancarlo Gariglio, who along with Fabio Giavedoni is one of the editors of the guide and the magazine. “The Magazine will be divided into four,” continues Gariglio, “with a long section on an important Italian denomination; a smaller section on a little-known but rapidly improving zone; a retrospective, in other words a tasting of several wines from one great vintage; and a vertical tasting.”

The Slow Wine Magazine will follow the experience of the Slow Food Wine Guides adopting a new approach to wine criticism and looking at a variety of factors to evaluate wine in their entirety, taking into consideration the wine quality, typicity and adherence to terroir, value for money, environmental sensitivity and ecologically sustainable viticultural practices.

The annual subscription costs  $49. For the ones that subscribe by the 3rd of May it will only cost $39.

For more information and to download the first issue for free click here:

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