Slow Food USA – On the Move

On October 15th, Slow Food U.S.A. moved into new, beautiful offices on the French Culinary Institute campus in downtown New York City.
The new office space will no doubt allow Slow Food U.S.A. to function more effectively than ever before in its service of almost 6,000 members nationally. The move also symbolizes a significant collaboration between two independent but like-minded organizations.
Dorothy Cann Hamilton, Founder and CEO of the French Culinary Institute, has graciously welcomed Slow Food U.S.A. into part of FCI’s new space at 434 Broadway in SoHo. The fit between the organizations is perfect. Both are dedicated to education, recognize food as a language that expresses cultural diversity, and are committed to promoting pure food that is local, seasonal and organically grown.
Thanks to these similar visions, we have many exciting plans in store. One of these projects will be to involve Slow Food U.S.A.’s international network of producers and products in the FCI curriculum. Slow Food U.S.A. also plans to hold events on the FCI campus for members, the general public and culinary students from various schools in the tri-state area. These educational events will continue to celebrate culinary traditions, artisans and quality products from the United States. Slow Food U.S.A. is honored to be part of the French Culinary Institute campus and will do its best to uphold the very high standards set by this institution.
Our new contact information is:
Slow Food U.S.A.
434 Broadway, 7th floor
New York, NY 10013
Tel (212) 965-5640 Fax (212) 226-0672

For more information contact Patrick Martins,[email protected]

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