Slow Food launches its Cooks’ Alliance in Hong Kong

A summer event organized by Slow Food Hong Kong

will be held in the Southside


Slow Food Hong Kong is holding a Summer Aperitivo evening in the city’s southside this month to revive the convivial aspect of the Slow Food movement, in a casual get-together to launch the newest initiative: the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance in Hong Kong. 

The very first group of adhering chefs consists of the following members:

Vinny Lauria: Frank’s American Italian, Central (Red Sauce Hospitality)

Danny Grimshaw: The Silvieri, Tung Chung

Sandy Keung: TABLE by Sandy Keung, Sheung Wan

Samantha Tam: Heimao Foods, Hung Hom

Walter Kern: F&B Consultant, Slow Food Hong Kong executive committee member.

The Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance in Hong Kong is not meant to be a prize awarding dishes or menus. It is a living alliance of chefs recognizing the key role that artisan farmers play in gastronomy: preserving the ingredients that make it possible.

“Slow Food is a whole philosophy of essentially treating the entire process of bringing food to the table with the utmost respect, and we are truly excited to round up a group of like-minded cooks in Hong Kong who promise to adhere to this philosophy,”  says Adele Wong, Slow Food Hong Kong Convivium Leader.

Slow Food has already cataloged onto the Ark of Taste 5740 food products that are at risk of extinction – whether vegetable varieties, animal breeds or processed food products. Through the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance, chefs now commit to use local and neglected food ingredients to ensure these products – and the communities that keep them alive – have a sustainable future.

Further info

The Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance is a global network of cooks defending food biodiversity across the world. It brings together chefs from restaurants, bistros, cantines and street kitchens who support small producers, the custodians of biodiversity, every day by using products from Presidia projects and the Ark of Taste, as well as local fruits, vegetables and cheeses, in their kitchens.

Slow Food is a non-for-profit global movement of over 2000 local communities located in over 160 countries. It envisions a world where everyone can enjoy food that is good for them, good for the people who grow it, and good for the planet. Slow Food rallies a worldwide movement to achieve good, clean and fair food for all.


Contact person:

Adele Wong <[email protected]>

Slow Food International Press Office

Paola Nano – [email protected] (+39) 329 8321285

Alessia Pautasso – [email protected] (+39) 342 8641029


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