Slow Food Launches Campaign for Europe’s Future Common Agricultural Policy in 19 European languages

With the release of a strategic document in 19 European languages, Slow Food has launched a campaign calling for a more fair, ecological and inclusive Common Agricultural Policy, with the aim of reaching and involving in the discussion both the network of food communities and local institutions in each of the 27 countries concerned. Download the press releases here: България [doc_5_] česká republika[doc_6_] Danmark[doc_7_] Nederland[doc_8_] Suomi[doc_10_] Ελλάδα[doc_11_] Lietuva[doc_13_] Latvija[doc_14_] Polska[doc_15_] România[doc_17_] Slovenija[doc_18_] Slovensko[doc_19_] Sverige[doc_20_] Magyarország[doc_21_]

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