Slow Fish Network Sails Seafood Products Across the Northern Sea

Tres Hombres <> , the world’s only transatlantic sailing cargo vessel <> , landed in Falmouth, UK on April 18 to participate in a food festival and a variety of activities organized by the Slow Food network that is championing the Slow Fish campaign in the Northern Sea.

Powered by the wind, it is now making its way towards Amsterdam, where it will arrive on May 9, brimming with a selection of fish and seaweed products direct from Cornwall, UK.

This special cargo consists of a variety of canned fish products from the sustainable fish brand Fish4Ever <>  and a range of seaweed products from the Cornish Seaweed Company <> ; all brought to Amsterdam via the power of the wind.

These products will be received by the fishers of the Wadden Sea Traditional Fishers Presidium <>, who will present and sell them at their Goede Vissers <> fish stall at the organic farmers market “Noordermarkt” in Amsterdam.

On Saturday May 10, Charles Redfern of  Fish4ever and Lucy Gilliam of New Dawn Traders will tell the story about Cornish Seaweed and how Fairtransport shipping <> utilizes the power of the wind. Their talk will be accompanied by tastings and take-away fish rolls.

All profits from this collaboration go towards the Slow Fish campaign, which brings together small-scale fishing communities from various parts of the world in order to meet, discuss, and exchange experiences.

Fish4ever offers a wide range of sustainably fished fish products caught by small, local fishers from various countries. The fish is all caught and processed with the greatest of care. A basket full of different Fish4ever products represents the efforts and livelihood of local fishing communities.

The Cornish Seaweed Company sustainably harvests, processes, and packages a number of different Cornish seaweeds by traditional means like hand harvesting and utilizing the elements for a natural food processing.

Seaweed is one of the most powerful foods <>  we have on this planet. It contains all the minerals that our bodies need and has the highest number of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements of any other food group, in addition to lending itself to infinite uses in the kitchen.

The sailing vessel Tres Hombres is operated by Fairtransport shipping and provides a direct link between fishers in Cornwall, England and the Dutch fishers of GoedeVissers who run the fish stall at the Noordermarkt.

This Slow Fish of the Northern sea initiative wishes to bring focus to the negative phenomenon of ocean acidification and climate change. They are imminent threats to the health and productivity of our oceans, as well as to those who depend on the ocean for their food and livelihood. Shipping sustainable products by sailboat is a symbolic action to call for energy transition, urgently needed to sustain the future of fish all around the globe.

For further information:

Lucy Gilliam [email protected] 

Barbara Rodenburg [email protected]

Watch Barbara’s TED talk “Sustaining fish for the future”

For further information, please contact the Slow Food International Press Office:

Paola Nano, +39 329 8321285 [email protected]

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