Sicco Mansholt Prize

Slow Food was judged the winner of the Sicco Mansholt Prize 2002, in recognition of the movement’s contribution towards sustainable agriculture, its creative approach to these goals, its power to reach consumers through a focus on the pleasures of a shared table and its innovative projects within the field of sustainable agriculture. Romano Prodi, president of the European Commission, awarded the prize to Slow Food president Carlo Petrini in an awards ceremony at the Dutch embassy of Brussels yesterday.

The award takes the name of Sicco Mansholt (1908-1995), one of the founding fathers of modern Europe and the promoter of a new model of agriculture.

‘For our movement,’ stated Petrini, ‘this award represents the ultimate gratification and a stimulus to continue with our conviction to support and sustain a new agriculture in which the people’s work, their history and traditions and a respect for biodiversity are all important.’

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