Salone del Gusto 2002 Presented In Turin

The Salone del Gusto 2002, the fourth so far, was presented yesterday at the 8 Gallery inside the Lingotto Fiere complex in Turin .The event attracted a packed crowd, which included the mayor of Turin Sergio Chiamparino and the president of the Turin Provincial Authority Mercedes Bresso.

The Salone del Gusto, a joint venture between Slow Food and the Piedmont Regional Authority, has become increasingly international over the years, projecting the name of the city of Turin and Piedmont all round the world, as Enzo Ghigo, the president of the Piedmont Regional Authority, and Carlo Petrini, the founder of Slow Food, were at pains to point out.

‘The Piedmont Regional Authority,’ explained Ghigo, ‘will be asking the Italian government to grant the Salone del Gusto international fair recognition, and hence give the event even more luster. Since 1996, I’ve been firmly convinced that the Salone del Gusto can promote our food and wine heritage. Now in its fourth edition, it is still a superb vehicle for marketing Piedmont.

‘The Salone del Gusto is more than just a trade fair,’ he declared. ‘Over the last few years, Slow Food has used a slow, pleasurable approach to food, raising political issues that reach to the very roots of the agroindustrial system. The crux of the matter is raw materials, the ingredients that provide the basis for the everyday food of consumers. What we have to achieve is an eco-sustainable, non-intensive agricultural model based on foodstuffs produced on a small and medium scale and capable of both satisfying consumers and providing economic, cultural and moral rewards for producers.’

The detailed program of the Salone del Gusto 2002, to be held from October 24-28, will be available shortly on www.

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