Romania’s Bucegi Mountain Branza de Burduf Presidium at Cheese 2013

Cheese, Slow Food’s event dedicated to the world of artisanal dairy, is hosting the producers of the Bucegi Mountains Branza de Burduf Presidium**, who are coming from Romania to present their age-old Branza de Burduf cheese, which gets its unique taste from aging in fir tree bark. Fir tree bark imparts a resinous flavor on the cheese and enhances its sensory qualities. Slow Food founded a Presidium to defend this particular method for aging Branza de Burduf, which is linked to the territory of the Bucegi Mountains, and thus to support the artisan cheesemakers in improving and regulating the conditions of the dairies. Cheese 2013 offers the possibility to discover traditional and culturally important products linked to a geographical area, get an insight into unusual dairy cultures from around the world and listen to first-hand reports on the history of these foods.

Please visit this website to read more about Romania’s Presidium for Branza de Burduf from the Bucegi Mountains:


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