It’s happening at Cheese 2013

Tunisia, Greece, Egypt, Lebanon and Sicily are the protagonists of the conference (Milk Workshop) Protecting and enhancing Mediterranean flavors during Cheese 2013*. The conference is meant to lead the audience on a journey of discovering the flavors, history and traditions weaved together in the Mediterranean and present the project Lactimed, a European project that involves twelve Mediterranean countries to support and enhance the traditional dairy products of the area. The participating countries have the opportunity for dialogue and for collaborating to establish a production model that respects tradition but that is at the same time open to innovation and the exchange of knowledge and experience. At the end of the conference one has the opportunity to taste traditional Sicilian cheeses. The conference speakers are Dimitri Goussios (Greece), researcher at Thessaly University; Jeanne Lapujade (France), project coordinator of Anima, a network for the economic development of the Mediterranean; Selma Tozanli (France), researcher at the International Centre for Agriculture in the Mediterranean in Montpellier; Piero Sardo (Italy), President of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity; and several cheese-makers from Sicily, Tunisia and Greece.


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*The ninth edition of Cheese, the international biennial event dedicated to milk in all its shapes and forms organized by the City of Bra and Slow Food, will be held in Bra (Piedmont), Italy, from September 20 to 23, 2013. 

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