Dutch Slow Food Foundation Press Congress

A tasting of Dutch Ark candidates and a dinner of Italian Ark products
At 5.00pm on September 17, the Dutch Slow Food Foundation and Slow Food International will organize a press conference and tasting on the Salone del Gusto and the Dutch Ark of Taste.

The conference will be followed by an informal tasting of candidates for the Dutch Ark of Taste. Here we will proudly present our first inventory of products which we think deserve a place on the Ark. Well known and unknown delicacies from different regions – raw milk cheeses, meat-products, animal breeds, fruits and vegetables – carefully made and produced in a traditional manner and threatened by extinction.

After the tasting, a dinner based on products from the Italian Ark will be served. The meal will be prepared by the staff of Ristorante Caruso, chosen as the best Italian restaurant abroad by the Accademia della Cucina Italiana.

Tasting and dinner will take place at the Jolly Hotel Carlton, Vijzelstraat 4 (near the flower market) , Amsterdam.

€ 10 for Slow Food-members, € 15 for non-members
5.00pm -7.00pm.

€ 60 (including wines)

Through the Jolly Hotel Carlton, via reply form

Click, fill in and send Dinner Menu


Tris di mortadelle (Mariola, Mortadella di Prato, Mortadella classica di Bologna)
Mousse di Maccagno

Carne di sanato cruda al coltello
Primo piatto

Strozzapreti di pasta fresca alla bottarga di Orbetello

Secondo piatto

Medaglioni di sanato con falde di peperoni di Carmagnola all’aglio e basilico

Paste di meliga del Monregalese e lonzino di fico della Vallesina al mosto cotto di uva Nebbiolo

Served with wines by Batasiolo (Piedmont)

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