Disco Soupe Brazil to start and highlight the Problem of Food Waste

Activists, chefs, musicians and DJs will all join in to cook, discuss food waste awareness and bring joy through art performances. They will be cooking from street market leftovers which, even though they are rejected by customers – because they may be misshapen or not perfect looking – are still in great condition for consumption. Bringing entertainment and awareness, Slow Food Network Brazil also unites the vast number of creative collective groups focused on the food waste subject. The event, Disco Soupe, as it was first called in France (Disco Xepa in Brazilian Portuguese) will host 4 days of screentalks and activism in São Paulo during May 2014, closing with the great leftovers free food banquet on the 17th in honor of Food Revolution Day.

The intention is to inspire people and create member groups to quickly foster the paulistano commitment toward conscious actions and responsible food consumption in order to make the end of food waste a reality.

Hunger and Food Waste statistics are astonishing. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture (FAO) Organization, around 1.3 billion tons of food are discarded annually while millions of people go hungry. In Brazil it is no different. The country, which is one of the world’s biggest food producers, discards 26 million tons of food. Food doesn’t reach approximately 35 per cent of Brazilian tables. We waste food from the process of harvesting all the way to the occasional fridge cleaning. In São Paulo, data from the city’s Services Department reveals that 51 per cent of the waste collected daily – or 13.000 tons – is organic waste.

From food crops to our table, farmers, market sellers, companies, government, chefs and consumers should try to offer solutions for each part of this chain. We can say that for the biggest problems of humanity there are simple ways of doing things every day.

The Disco Xepa Festival hopes to receive funds from its campaign on the Kickante crowdfunding website. The goal is to raise an amount of R$ 61,000.00 (or less than U$28.000) to reward the team’s work and to produce media material to continue the awareness action.

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Disco Xepa Festival Line Up 

Screen Talks

May 14 – 16

7 to 9pm

Beco do Aprendiz Square

Belmiro Braga Street in Vila Madalena, São Paulo

Free evening outdoor event

Films, Screen Talks, Coordination

With coordination and curatorship from the Urban Agroecology Movement (MUDA-SP), recently produced documentaries and short films will be screened that reveal the current Picture of São Paulo’s eating attitudes.

Civil society, public departments, collectives and important institutions are invited to discuss the issue, suggest simple solutions and create a letter of commitment to strengthen actions toward the city’s Health and Safe Eating Policy.

May 14th “2014, The Family Agriculture Year: What has it to do with São Paulo’s people?

May 15th “Conscious and Responsible Eating and its daily challenges”

May 16th “Waste Economy and the Shortage Paradigm”

Festival Closing Celebration Day

May 17th

1 to 7pm

Beco do Aprendiz Square

Belmiro Braga street in Vila Madalena, São Paulo

Free afternoon outdoor event

Food, Music and Arts

Closing the festival activities, chefs, educators and musicians are going to spend Saturday’s afternoon offering an important ecogastronomic experience. There will be 5 hours of music, street art and educational workshops about how to fully use food when cooking.  The leftovers will be collected at around 1pm and will be brought to Beco do Aprendiz Square where food will be honored and transformed into a real, and free, banquet served at the beginning of the evening.

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Slow Food Youth Network Brazil

Website: http://www.slowfoodbrasil.com/rede-jovem-slow-food

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/redejovemslowfood/

Food Revolution Day


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