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Hosted by the ‘Cinema Corto in Bra’ Festival, now in its tenth year, the international Slow Food on Film biennial, organized in collaboration with Slow Food, will return from April 26 to May 1 2006.

In 2004, the festival hosted 33 shorts and 12 documentaries from 21 different countries. This year, numbers have increased considerably, with submissions of 120 short films from 31 countries and 90 documentaries from 20 countries. From this shortlist, the artistic directors have selected 32 shorts and 16 documentaries to take part in the festival’s two official competitions.

Slow Food on Film-Shorts will feature fictional shorts (maximum length 30 minutes) on various themes, such as the love of food in all its possible forms, food as an expression of culture or knowledge and food as an emblem of a social condition, of a passion and/or an obsession. The judges, led by Jan Kaczmarek (winner of the Oscar for best soundtrack in 2005 for Marc Forster’s Neverland), will award the Golden Snail and a cheque for 2,500 euros to the best film.

The other members of the jury will be the actor and director Antonio Albanese, John Irving, editor of Slow magazine, and Thomas Struck, a German director and great friend of Wim Wenders, as well as the producer of the ‘Talent Campus’ at the Berlin Film Festival, now partners of Slow Food on Film on one of this year’s major innovations, the theme of ‘Hunger, Food and Taste’.

Slow Food on Film-Doc will highlight international documentaries (maximum length 60 minutes) dedicated to food memory and to the controversies surrounding agriculture and the food industry. The winner will be awarded the Golden Snail and a cheque of 2,000 euros.

Many important new films will have their Italian premiers at the festival: they include The Future of Food by Californian Deborah Koons Garcia (a director and environmental activist and widow of Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead), Life is Running Out of Control by Bertram Verhaag (Germany) and the award-winning The Real Dirt on Farmer John by Taggart Spiegel, a work that explores American agricultural themes through the story of a farmer in the Midwest.

Slow Food on Film will also host dinners, retrospectives, concerts, debates and discussions on food and food imagery and will collaborate with the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo on the creation of the world’s first Gastronomic Audiovisual Library.

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