CHEESE 2003 – Facts and Figures for the First Three Days

Even the organizers are astonished by the attendance figures for the first three days of Cheese 2003. The Great Hall of Cheese registered a record 15,800 admissions, and 4,500 kilos of cheese (38,000 slices) were sold. Over 18,000 glasses of wine were served in the Enoteca. Scores of people joined Slow Food at the movement’s promotional stand, where more than 1,500 books were sold, along with 5,000 Slow Food glasses and T-shirts.

On Sunday alone, at the Milky Way almost 2,000 ice creams were sold, as well as 3,000 chocolates, 500 cartons of yogurt and over 1,000 milk shakes. Also on Sunday, about 10,000 bottles of Valmora water, 600 kilos of grapes (Battaglio stand), and 2,000 cups of Huehuetenango Presidium coffee were consumed (the proceeds from these three products will go to the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity).

The regional restaurants of Campania (500 daily covers), Abruzzo (300) and Friuli (700) were also a sellout. As were the Taste Workshops (2.400 tickets sold) and the Dinner Dates.

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