CHEESE 2001 – Day Three: Facts and Figures

Despite the rain, Cheese 2001 continued to attract thousands of visitors yesterday. It is estimated that over the first three days, more than 100,000 people have traveled to Bra for the event. The two markets were packed right from the opening and some stands – especially those of the Slow Food Presidia – were forced to close early because they ran out of goods to sell. On three occasions in the course of the day, the Great Hall of Cheese had to suspend the sale of tickets on account of overcrowding, clocking up a total of 10,000 admissions by closing time. The American cheese stand has also done a roaring trade; thanks to the sale of its special posters it has collected 15 million lire ($ 7,000) for the families of firemen who died in the tragic events in NYC on September 11. Last but not least, Cheese Bimbi, the new project dedicated to schoolchildren, has been a great success, with as many as 350 kids aged 4 to 10 attending the event in the recreation area in Bra’s Via Rosselli on Saturday and Sunday alone.

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