Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti Sends a Video Message and Tweet on the Occasion of Terra Madre Day: “Enjoying our food is very important, up here in space as well as down on Earth”

This year’s edition of Terra Madre Day, celebrated every year on the day of Slow Food’s birthday, December 10, was even celebrated in space: Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, who recently left for a six month mission for the European Space Agency, celebrated the day on board the International Space Station with the Terra Madre Day flag, as well as with a cyber soup that contains four Slow Food Presidia legumes. Even before she left Earth she expressed excitement about the products by saying that “food means culture and a connection with the territory.” In her video message she says “today I would like to join you in celebrating an event of which I fully share the spirit, which is the Terra Madre Day. I have a passion for good food and healthy food, and good nutritional habits are very dear to me and important both for us humans and for the environment for our Planet Earth”. She went on by pointing out that “[she] would like to dispel the myth that cutting edge science and technology are worlds apart from traditional food”.

Please go to the following link to watch her complete video message:

And read her tweet: 

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