All The Latest Figures

As Cheese 2001 draws to a close, the final facts and figures are beginning to emerge: 30,000 visitors at the Great Hall of Cheese, a total of about 130,000 visitors in all, 500 kilos of ‘focaccia di Genova’ and 20 quintals of ‘olive ascolane’ sold. Moving round the stands, that of Occelli, one of the great cheesemakers present at the event, sold everything it had in stock: meaning about 80 quintals of cheese! At the Swiss stands about 400 kilos of cheese were sold and most of the Slow Food Presidia products – Pecorino del Monte Poro and Vastedda del Belice were sold out. In the Great Hall of Cheese, over 4,500 cups of saké were drunk and 1,200 kilos of buffalo mozzarella were sold. 400 kilos of sheep’s milk yogurt-ice cream have been consumed in the four days of the event, and to date the USA stand has sold over 450 kilos of cheese and as many as 1,000 posters (the proceeds will be donated to the families ofthe firefighters who died in the tragic events of September 11).

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