90,000 Flock to International Salone del Gusto

At the end of the third day (Saturday 23), about 90.000 visitors had attended the Salone del Gusto.

Approximately 35.000 people came yesterday, a growing number of young and international visitors testifying to the success of an event that combines culture, taste and education.

The event was made even more colorful by the visit of the Terra Madre delegates following the closing plenary session at the Palazzo del Lavoro.

Among the stands of the World Market were Kraho Indians, the Barbere women of Morocco and the Scandinavian Sami.

Also among the public were important Italian political figures, trade unionists, directors and actors, while no less than former Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev is expetded for today.

The increasingly ‘global’ presence was apparent at the Slow Food stand, where the number of memberships is growing apace with that of the nationalities in attendance, new members being registered in Turkey, Hungary, Mexico, and Morocco.

Finally, the Terra Madre influence has already begun to show with farmers and livestock breeders from Kenya already requesting information about starting a Slow Food Convivium.

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