The Presidia sustain quality production at risk of extinction, protect unique regions and ecosystems, recover traditional processing methods, and safeguard local breeds and plant varieties.

Presidia farmers commit themselves to:

  • raising animals in pastures as much as possible and guaranteeing access to mountain pasture in the summer
  • safeguarding local breeds
  • providing adequate space in comfortable shelters
  • guaranteeing adequate natural light
  • maintaining cow-calf operations (where reproduction occurs on the farm) and allowing calves to remain with their mothers for the necessary time
  • avoiding mutilations
  • guaranteeing a high-quality diet composed of grass and hay, integrated with grains and pulses of local origin (where possible) when necessary
  • avoiding the use of maize silage and low-quality feed made with byproducts from industrial farming and food production (sometimes almost waste), urea, additives, or supplements
  • avoiding forced feeding
  • using antibiotics only when necessary and doubling the suspension period, rather than employing preventative antibiotic treatments
  • slaughtering close to the farms and guaranteeing adequate transportation for the animals

Over the next few years, Slow Food will undertake a revision of the Presidia protocols to improve the aspects relating to animal welfare.

To learn more about our guidelines elaborated for different species and breeds, click here: Presidia Guidelines

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