Power of networking: Pick Here! A new project to promote local products.

Taoyuan Slow Food Community, combine with Tienmu slow food community, announce a new project in the North part of Taiwan! From farmers to chefs, the unique selling system to promote local products.

Taoyuan Slow Food Community consists of young farmers in the local area. Their object is through exchange and cooperation to influence the agriculture system in the young generation. In 2019, the founder of Taoyuan slow food community Wu, Cheng-Fu (吳成富), announced “Pick Here!” to change the agri-food selling system in the local region. Different from regular channels, this project creates a new network that combines farmers and chefs. Moreover, the method uses free space in stores or restaurants to set up the Pick Here spot for selling products.

It is not easy to expand channels for farmers. Taoyuan Slow Food Community used a low budget to create this project and cooperated with famous chef Chien, Ching-Hung (簡境宏) to establish the first “Pick Here!” next to the counter of his restaurant. On this place, they sold products directly from farmers and developed some cuisine made with local ingredients. With the support of the Agriculture and Food Agency of Taiwan, now there are more than ten stores, restaurants involved in this project. Using the community-based promoting method, and try to be the bridge between consumers and producers.

The first “Pick Here!” spot at a famous Taoyuan restaurant run by Chien, Ching-Hung.

2021 Taoyuan slow food community expand this project from Taoyuan to Taipei and cooperated with Tienmu slow food community to sprout this idea in an urban region. Tienmu slow food community is focusing on urban farming and through campaigning to connect producers and consumers. Due to this pandemic from 2020, both communities decided to cooperate on this project. Using the power of networking and put the education inside this project. Firstly, producing films about chefs to farms and making cuisine from seasonal ingredients. “Pick Here!” project gives chefs opportunities to connect with local farmers and offers consumers a chance to learn more about biodiversity.

Both Slow Food communities with local farmers and chefs.

The next step of “Pick Here!” will be to combine both online and offline networks:

1. Create a platform for farmers and restaurants and sell products directly through free spaces in different stores.

2. Execute different educational projects to consumers. For example, the video introduces ingredients, farmers, and receipts.

3. Develop an online system for consumers to book what they want and pick in the store near their houses.

Through farmers’ connections with chefs, the “Pick Here!” project wants to create a new selling system in agriculture and increase awareness about good, clean and fair foods in the local area.

The “Pick Here!” spot in Taipei.
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