Become a Slow Food Challenge Ambassador!

You will guide your followers through a six-week journey, the On My Plate campaign, exploring the hidden world our food travels through to reach our plates, and suggesting actions we can take to improve our relationship with our food, our planet, our future. In the process, we’ll learn how to improve our food habits and make a positive, lasting impact on the world.

Thank you for committing to change our food systems and guaranteeing a brighter future for the next generations!

About the challenge:

The On My Plate challenge is focused on creating a food system that is good, clean and fair for all. Participants will learn more while having fun and sharing their discoveries with their network. Slow Food will feed campaigners with podcasts, videos and articles on these issues, challenging people to reflect on their food habits and all the people that bring their food from farm to fork. Why do we buy what we buy and who benefits from our purchases?

In order to make On My Plate a success, we are calling on 100 ambassadors to join together as a community of leaders and guide this effort, creating the greatest impact possible.

As an ambassador, you’ll learn about the key issues for the Slow Food, like why it’s important to consider how sustainable farming practices can mitigate the climate crisis how much of our global food system relies on modern slavery… and what you can about it. At the same time you’ll take part in exciting political actions to show the world how changing our bad food habits is both easy… and tasty!

And to those who say individual actions are a drop in the ocean: we’ll prove that together, we can create a green wave of positive change. Let’s get together with joy and solidarity to improve our food systems now and forever!

Interested to know more about the role you can play? Check out the Slow Food Challenge Briefing!