You have all the creative freedom here! What we are looking for is anything that would be valuable and interesting for our global, online audiences to watch! You can pick one or more of the topics below:

🥬  Food & Farming: this could be vary from local farm tours to tips on agroecological gardening… anything that has to do with where our food comes from.

📖  Education: is your community involved in any educational activities? Share what you’re up to and what impact its having!

✊  Activism: are you involved in any activism or advocacy at the local or national level? Tell us what you’re up to and inspire the network to take action.

🍲  Food culture: show us your local ingredients and typical dishes, as well as the stories behind them!

How to participate?

  • Record your video(s) in a vertical orientation.
  • Upload your video(s) to this folder
  • Is there any particular song or music you would like for the video? Send that too!
  • If you need any support or have any questions, just let us know!


Here are some examples, to give a little bit of inspiration:

1) FAO

2) World Food Program

3) Happy cows

4) The gardens

5) For coffee lovers

6) Is your food a work of art?

Got questions? Get in touch with us:

[email protected]

[email protected]

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