One Million EU Citizens Make History for Farm Animals

As of today, one million EU citizens have signed the End the Cage Age European Citizens Initiative (ECI); the biggest ever political push for farm animal welfare. Slow Food joined forces with over 170 other animal welfare and environmental organizations across the EU to launch the #EndTheCageAge ECI, which aims to end the use of cages for farm animals across the continent. Today marks the collection of one million signatures—a first in the history of farm animal welfare.

Since the launch of this ECI, the largest coalition in the name of farm animal welfare was built across Europe. Just over eight months, it has succeeded to reach one million signatures, which is a remarkable milestone. However, the fight to get farm animals out of cages is not over yet.

The coalition is determined to keep collecting signatures to send an overwhelming message to the European Commission and the newly elected Parliament, showing just how important this matter is to EU citizens. It is crucial to collect a more significant number of signatures since the ECI will go through a strict verification procedure. Usually, not all signatures are considered valid; therefore, this ECI needs to hit at least 1.3 million signatures in less than three months.

Over the last eight months, the campaign has held events throughout the EU, obtained media coverage in international newspapers, and launched a digital activation – Cagefighter Software – enabling all EU citizens to set up an individual page, encouraging others to add their name to this movement.

Over 300 million pigs, hens, rabbits, ducks, and quail are all kept in cages across the EU. Most cages are barren, cramped, and deny the animals space to move freely. Cages are cruel and completely unnecessary. The ECI will bring about a seismic shift in our food and farming system, with the potential to benefit hundreds of millions of farm animals a year in Europe, by sparing them a life of suffering. This would be a monumental step on the path towards ending factory farming.

To sign the End the Cage Age ECI please click here

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