New African Presidia at Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre

Amongst the stands in the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre Marketplace, six new African Presidia are making their debut. Here’s how these special guests are preparing for the event: 

Kenema Kola Nut – Sierra Leone
Patrick Mansaray – Coordinator of Kenema Kola Nut Presidium 
«Our collaboration with Slow Food has had a great impact on the lives of Kola nut producers in the Kenema community. During this short period, members have started to realize a fair price for their product. Jabati and I, the representatives of the Kola nut producers, are very excited to participate in this year’s Terra Madre event. We hope that, with the collaboration of Slow Food, the Presidium will grow from strength to strength in order to promote the ideas of Slow Food to other districts in Sierra Leone.»

Farim Salt – Guinea Bissau
Padre Carlo Andolfi – Coordinator of Farim Salt Presidium 
«The women involved in this project see their attendance at Terra Madre as an opportunity to represent their community and participate in a global event in communion with other African producers. The producers hope that this will not only be an opportunity for learning, but are also excited at the opportunity to travel to a new place and promote awareness of their product to a larger audience.» 

Lansarin and Gaffay Durum Wheat varieties – Tunisia
Mejri Mazrouk – Coordinator of Lansarin and Gaffay Durum Wheat Presidium
Our presence at Terra Madre will be a new experience and an opportunity to learn more about the activities of Slow Food and more about the experiences and challenges of others producers from all over the world. We also hope that the Terra Madre event will help to develop the activities of Slow Food in Tunisia. We hope that Terra Madre will give recognition to the work of our farming community, protect biodiversity and the beauty of the local environment».

Luwero Robusta Coffee – Uganda
Heinrich Mukalazi – Coordinator of Luwero Robusta Coffee Presidium
The 70 Luwero Robusta Coffee producers of the Presidium are united in the Katuka Development Trust, a limited company that will help the producers to improve the marketing of this product and ensure a fairer contract with the government.  The coordinator of this Presidium hopes that the Terra Madre event will help with the promotion of Luwero coffee internationally, as this robusta variety is ideal for making espressos and may have some success in the Italian coffee market.

Timbuktu and Gao Katta Pasta – Mali 
Saoudata Waler Aboubacrine – Coordinator of Timbuktu and Gao Katta Pasta Presidium
The Presidium aims to help the 36 women producers that make Katta pasta to create a cooperative, collaborating with producers of other artisanal products such as bread. The producers hope that the involvement of the FAO and the presence of Katta pasta representatives at Terra Madre will help to improve all aspects of the Presidium production chain, from growing appropriate wheat varieties to successfully packaging the product, as well as presenting the pasta to an international audience.

Fadiouth Island Salted Millet Couscous – Senegal
Augustin Diokh – Coordinator of the Fadiouth Island Salted Millet Couscous
The 20 women producers of Fadiouth Island Salted Millet Couscous, united in an economic interest group, hope to promote the cultivation of the sunnà millet and produce a couscous that meets high quality standards of processing. A traditional dish of salted couscous with a sauce of mangrove flowers is one of the recipes being prepared at the African restaurant at Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre. The producers hope that the sale of the couscous, in its dried form and as part of a typical Senegalese dish, will help in their aim of gaining the authorization to sell the couscous on the local and international market. 

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