Agro-Food Biodiversity & Traditional Food Heritage in Jordan لحماية تنوع البيئي والإرث التقليدي للطعام في الأردن Jordan Info

Type: Communities

Convivium leader / spoke person: Al-nahhas Farah

Protecting agro-food biodiversity of traditional food production by focusing on small agro-food productions that are deeply rooted in local communities that are compatible with local biodiversity and socio-cultural aspects, recovering and enhancing these productions. Also promoting a more environmentally and socially sustainable rural development while ensuring the preservation of local ecosystems.


EVOO – Food and medicine in Jordan زيت الزيتون البكر الممتاز الاردني غذاء ودواء Jordan Info

Type: Communities

Convivium leader / spoke person: Adas Hanadi

- Spread the culture of olive oil as a healthy fat among the younger generations and different segments of the society; - Promote educational activities in schools, universities and associations; - Carry out site visit to farms, mills and production companies to insure that good practices are employed; - Increase awareness about the importance of producing of extra virgin olive oil and choosing the premium extra virgin olive oil, since both are the healthiests types of olive oil.