Founded in 1992, Slow Food Germany now has over 13,000 members organized more than 80 convivia, which host hundreds of events annually. Slow Food Youth Germany has about a dozen active local groups. The organization publishes a guide to good, clean and fair restaurants serving German regional cuisine (Genussführer) and six editions of a Slow Food magazine per year. The annual Slow Food fair in Stuttgart draws thousands of visitors every spring. A major topic in the focus of Slow Food Germany is the fight against food waste through events such as Teller statt Tonne and the Slow Food Youth Schnippeldisko. Slow Food Germany has also created a taste education kit for children and a guidebook for parents and children.

To find a convivium in Germany, please visit the national website:

Slow Food Deutschland e.V.
Marienstraße 30
10117 Berlin

Tel. +49 (0) 30 2000475-0

[email protected]