Natural Charcuterie: wild-raised native breeds, no nitrites

If you’ve followed Slow Food for a while, you’ll know we fly the flag for natural products: be it cheese, bread, wine or charcuterie.

This is all the more true at cheese, where we’ve been focusing on natural products since 2017.

But what is natural charcuterie, exactly?

The Origins of Charcuterie

Let’s go back to the origins of it all: the animals breeds and the practices used by the farmers.

There’s charcuterie made with meat from local, wild- or semi-wild native breeds, free to indulge in their natural behavior, who eat a varied diet of wild roots, green fodder, grain, barley, protein-packed legumes… on a farm that cares about animal well-being we get natural charcuterie, produced using only natural preservatives like salt, pepper, chili pepper, spices and smoke, and without the use of nitrites and nitrates.

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