A global surge in demand for meat has resulted in a corresponding growth of industrial meat production and, subsequently, power has become concentrated in the hands of the few large companies that can satisfy the growing demand.

These multinational companies control the entire supply chain, from animal genetics to feed production, and from pharmaceuticals to breeding, slaughtering, and distribution. And the farms are getting bigger and bigger. 

The transformation of the livestock and meat production industry has many negative consequences for the environment, human health, animal welfare, and social justice.

Around the world, more than 95% of meat on the market comes from industrial farms, while in Europe the figure is around 80%.

Industrially produced meat has hidden production costs that consumers do not pay when they buy meat (in fact, meat prices are getting lower and lower). But in the end we all pay the price of the huge costs to the environment…

 … So, let’s cut down on meat! 



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