Thank you for taking the Slow Food Climate Pledge.

As an organization and a movement, Slow Food is also committed to raising a fork against climate change.

Of the many organizations working on climate, we are in a unique position to make real change. We are a vast movement grounded in more than 1,500 local groups and 2,400 food communities in 160 countries. We draw from our extensive network of farmers, breeders, and producers to protect biodiversity, encourage food and environmental education, raise awareness among the general population and influence politics at all levels.

By donating today, you support these key programs in 160 countries:


10,000 Gardens in Africa: African communities cultivate traditional varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs, reproduce the seeds, and use sustainable techniques. The Gardens in Africa project has now about 3,000 food gardens in schools, villages and on the outskirts of cities in 35 African countries.


Ark of Taste: A catalog of delicious and distinctive foods facing extinction. It’s an invitation to rediscover these foods, protect them and bring them to the table. At the end of 2017, the Ark had reached about 4,597 food products from over 140 countries, with both the number of products and countries increasing steadily.


Slow Food Presidia: These local projects save artisanal foods, native breeds and plant varieties, traditional farming and fishing techniques, ecosystems and rural landscapes at risk of extinction. The Presidia project was started in 1999, and now there are over 500 Presidia in more than 67 countries around the world.


Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance: This network recognizes the social impact of chefs, and unites over 700 chefs who cook at restaurants, institutes, and food carts from Argentina to Uganda, Canada to Russia.


Earth Markets: The products sold at Earth Markets must meet high quality standards that reflect Slow Food’s principles. They are not just for shopping; they also provide taste education, meeting places and venues for many different events.

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