Slow Food Climate Pledge

Climate change is now.

All the inhabitants of mother Earth are experiencing radical disruption, but agriculture is in particular danger: from drought and desertification, to floods and rising sea levels, to smaller yields and biodiversity loss. I reject this as normal and acceptable.

I know that one of the main causes of climate change is the industrial model of food production and consumption: large-scale use of chemical inputs, the spread of monocultures, intensive livestock farms, a distribution system based on globalization, the end of seasonality, excessive food and water waste, and the overconsumption of natural resources.

To do my part to save the planet:

  • I pledge to eat local, eat seasonal, and support local farmers who practice sustainable agriculture.
  • I pledge to preserve biodiversity and natural resources where I can, and to care about the future of our food.
  • I pledge to minimize food and water waste in my kitchen and workplace.
  • I pledge to support Slow Food; encourage others to learn about good, clean and fair food; and raise my fork against climate change.

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