Lunchtime Conference in Bruxelles!

Today Slow Food is organizing a lunchtime conference at the European Commission. The themes are: biodiversity, small-scale farmers and local economies – ingredients for sustainable rural development.

Biodiversity is the foundation of sustainable farming practices. It is the diversity of microorganisms, animal and plant species, ecosystems and knowledge. It is wild, but also domesticated. Thanks to selection by farmers, local varieties and breeds have adapted to their surroundings, becoming stronger and hardier, and requiring fewer external interventions (fertilizers, water, pesticides, veterinary care).

Slow Food Presidia projects bring together producers to save native breeds, vegetable varieties and artisanal products at risk of disappearing. The objectives of the Presidia are: environmental, economic, social and cultural.
Learn more by joining the Slow Food lunchtime conference and meeting farmers who cultivate agro-biodiversity, and tease your taste buds!

The speakers of the conference are Joe Schneider, the producer of the Raw Milk Stichelton Presidium (UK) and Roberta Billitteri, the producer of the Polizzi Badda Bean Presidium (Italy).

Lunch time conference