Let’s Feed the Peace: a Campaign from the Slow Food Network

The Alimentemos la Paz (Let’s Feed the Peace) campaign (September 21 – October 22, 2021) was launched by Slow Food Colombia, with the aim of promoting peace through good, clean and fair food, as a way of making a positive contribution to our social environment, and to respond to the violent and desolate reality that was experienced in the country in the context of the national strike that took place, on April 28th of this year.

The scenario experienced in Colombia led to a deep reflection on individual and collective actions, formulating questions and new approaches on how to start to build a new society based on tolerance, kindness, freedom, justice, democracy, equity and respect for difference and diversity. From an inclusive vision as a region, the Slow Food Latin America and Caribbean community was invited to join the Campaign. The response and cooperation was immediate from the councilors, leaders and members of the communities of the countries: Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia and Peru.

On the other hand, multiple actors, in line with the Slow Food philosophy, have joined the talks and mobilizing actions, such as organizations, academics, producers, leaders, cooks and researchers, among others. The mobilization campaign aims to leave a message of hope, unity and social transformation in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

It is imperative to intertwine peace to reconcile, unite peoples, strengthen the social fabric and bring out manifestations of solidarity, love and brotherhood as well as everything which offers us good, clean and fair food, which is essential to achieve great transformations in societies.

The campaign is organised in three important axes – Individual Peace, Social and Collective Peace and Planetary Peace – has made possible a holistic approach to the theme of peace and food. From a personal, affective and self-determined point of view, our preferences, attitudes and principles about food that brings us inner peace and self-care for our growth as human beings and in harmony with the environment come to the surface. Collective peace induces us to exchange and respect in common efforts for the achievement of our food sovereignty, unity and social improvement. Planetary peace summons us to global and transcendent actions in which we assume through food the great responsibility of all in the preservation of our biodiversity and planetary health. These are three vectors that enrich our dialogue and help us to outline common goals.

The Let’s Feed the Peace campaign confirms the importance of the centrality of food in achieving social harmony and balance with the environment. We will take a journey through our food customs, identifying elements that unite us in our diversity. This mobilization initiative is the union of many wills, as proclaimed in Slow Food’s recent working tool “An Urgent Call for Collective Action“. The Campaign will be our modest contribution to the three pillars advocated by SFI and a contribution to the culture of peace.

Here’s the link to participate in the campaign.

Slow Food Latin America and the Caribbean

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