Keen’s Cheddar

The Keen family have been making cheese at Moorhayes Farm, Wincanton in Somerset since 1898 when the family first moved there. George and Stephen Keen’s great aunt Jane was their first cheesemaker before cheesemaking passed down the family to their mother Dorothy. Today George makes cheese with his son James while Stephen and his son Nick look after the herd. ‘We make just one variety, but we do it really well,’ says Stephen Keen. ‘All the milk comes from our own herd of 250 Friesians, so we can make sure they are well fed and cared for. When customers buy our cheese they know it is made by hand with individual care and matured for at least ten months on wooden shelves before it goes into the stores.’ Keen’s Cheddar are one of three cheesemakers involved in the Slow Food Cheddar Presidium


Come and visit them at Cheese at the Neal’s Yard Dairy stand or among the Slow Food Presidia!


Find out the British Cheese with the Taste Workshops at Cheese!



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