Join World Disco Soup Day on April 30th!

Ready for the challenge? This year for the 6th edition of World Disco Soup Day we are taking a broader perspective: our main goal is to raise awareness of the current climate crisis and how we can have a positive impact on our diets. 

Food waste reduction and a (more) plant-based diet are powerful tools to reduce our climate footprint. So this year for the whole month of April we are challenging ourselves to avoid wasting any food and to eat more plant-based proteins! 

Our challenge will end on Saturday the 30th of April when we will celebrate World Disco Soup Day together. How can you celebrate? Alone or with your friends, at home, or in a public space: make WDSD 2022 the way that is better for you! 


World Disco Soup Day is the largest collective effort to combat food waste and climate change. It is the day when the SFYN groups organize parties and turn food waste into a Disco Soup. It is an event to cook, eat and dance together, showing a fun way to save food, but also to seriously reflect on the amount that goes to waste and on the solutions we all have at hand. In previous editions, Disco Soup activists transformed 50,000 kilograms of food into thousands of delicious meals, involving thousands of volunteers on all five continents. 

Find all the information for World Disco Soup Day 2022 here

Do you wanna see who else is participating around the globe? Look at the World Disco Soup Day 2022 map 

Any questions? Reach out to the Task Force at [email protected] 

Keep an eye on our social media @worlddiscosoupday

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