Happy Terra Madre Day!

Here it is again, this year for the seventh time: Happy Terra Madre Day to everyone! Around the world, the Slow Food network is gathering to celebrate local food and spend a few convivial hours together, eating traditional dishes but also discussing vital issues like climate change, GMOs, taste education and more.

Whether it’s the Slow Food Hong Kong celebration dedicated to seafood; the screening of the documentary Cowspiracy, organized by Slow Food Bali exploring the impact of livestock farming; the vegetarian and vegan buffet using local organic foods planned by Slow Food Iași in Romania; the launch of the Chefs’ Alliance by Slow Food Canada; the Forgotten Vegetables Party with Slow Food Uganda; or the gathering of all the Slow Food Rio de Janeiro convivia to share projects and food… it’s clear the network is not lacking ideas for how to celebrate local food!

And just like every year, the celebration goes hand in hand with another important occasion, Human Rights Day. Seeing food as a fundamental right of all humanity is not just the base of the Slow Food philosophy, but of a healthy system that focuses attention on crucial questions of responsibility and non-discrimination. The right to food and consequent food security come from the awareness that the problems of hunger are not caused only by natural calamities, but are integral to the choices and practices (not only political) that generate economic, social and cultural inequalities.

By celebrating Terra Madre Day, the Slow Food network shows that it has understood the importance of local food and sustainable development, which can remove existing inequalities in the control of land, water, pastures, forests and seeds and combat the violations of the rights of farmers and workers.

How will you celebrate Terra Madre Day? Share your photos on the event’s Facebook page!



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