Good, Clean and Fair Footie

For fans with a good, clean and fair vision of soccer, the World Development Movement has developed an ethical ranking website for the European Championship 2008 which kicks off in Austria/Switzerland on Saturday.

At they can find out, at the click of a key, how well each competing nation performs according to a range of ethical indicators.
The latter include aid spending, carbon emissions, military spending, inequality, electricity from renewable energy and corruption. The site suggests that Sweden is the most supportable country, Russia the last. Italy comes fourteenth out of 16.

Tim Jones, policy officer at the World Development Movement, explains: ‘This website is for people who love football and want to know more about the world we live in, it’s a fun way of talking about some serious issues’.

He also points out that ‘Our supportability ranking is not an overall ranking of how “good” or “bad” we think each country is. It is intended to be a fun and interesting way to think about some serious issues’.

World Development Movement

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