Get Ready to Celebrate!

As you know, the most important thing we can do is nourish the Slow Food movement from the bottom up. That is why we need everyone who supports Slow Food to get involved in this year’s Terra Madre Day! This global celebration of local food, held every year on December 10, is your chance to engage with communities across the globe, right in their hometowns.


We invite everybody, members and non-members, to join this unified, international day of celebration. You can put local food in the spotlight through myriad activities: community picnics, debates, food festivals, film evenings, rallies and farmers’ markets, or even a simple dinner with friends.


Again this year, Terra Madre Day is a moment for the Slow Food network to highlight forgotten foods. Each year fruits and vegetables, animal breeds, cheeses, and methods of preparation disappear or are forgotten. You can help keep these traditional foods from falling victim to the industrialized food system and fast-paced, modern life.


If you wish, you can use Terra Madre Day to highlight endangered foods in your area by using the Ark of Taste, our online catalogue of endangered foods. You can embrace the Ark of Taste theme in a number of ways in your Terra Madre Day event – either by celebrating an existing Ark product; or hunting down local endangered foods, adding them to the Ark of Taste a. Together we’ll paint a picture of the incredible food biodiversity that surrounds us. By creating a symbolic map of these foods, we’ll send an even stronger message about their fragility.


So, get involved this December 10! Find an event near you or create one of your own, as simple or complex, big or small as you wish. Don’t forget to register your event on the Terra Madre Day website. There you can also find inspiration from past editions and download graphics. Your event will be published on the world map alongside all the other initiatives happening at the same moment in a truly global celebration.


Let’s get ready to celebrate!


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