Let’s work together to cultivate solutions to climate change.

Food is both cause and victim of climate change, but also a possible solution. Our food choices have a direct impact on the future of the planet.

The Campaign

Slow Food’s international “Food for Change” campaign has been launched to offer solutions starting from our everyday actions and to support our international projects, which through our network strengthen clean local economies, fair trade and foods that are part of our heritage. Food must be both a pleasure and a way to care for our planet.

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The Timeline




Support us!

Your donation to the Food for Change campaign helps Slow Food mitigate climate change and ensures a better future for our planet.

Your contribution will help Slow Food to strengthen and increase its projects to protect clean and sustainable food production in over 160 countries, alongside small-scale farmers, fishers and herders who produce good, clean, fair and healthy food for us—food for change, that respects our environment and our planet’s climate. Thanks to your support, in 2017:

  • 732 new products joined the Ark of Taste and seven new countries were involved.
  • 356 new food gardens were planted in 35 countries, bringing the total number of people involved in Africa to 60,000.
  • 23 new Presidia were established, including in two new countries, and over 500 new producers joined the 18,000 already involved.
  • 308 chefs joined our Alliance, which spread to five new countries.
  • We opened 9 new Earth Markets, bringing the total to 63, involving 1,800 producers.
  • Slow Food Travel was started in Carinthia, Austria, and the Slow Fish network was launched in the Caribbean.
  • We continued our battles in Europe, launching campaigns on the CAP and against the use of neonicotinoids and glyphosate and continuing to raise awareness about climate change.
  • We supported 370 indigenous communities in 86 countries.


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