German Arrien

Slow Food has just lost a great friend and supporter. German Arrien was a leader in the development of our movement in Spain of great commitment and with a profound grasp of the Slow Food philosophy. German coordinated the Spanish convivia and the Spanish Ark Commission, was the San Sebastian convivium leader and the heart and soul of the Algusto fair. Above all, he was a dear friend to all and the foremost identity for the national movement.

We would like to remember him as his Slow Food companions have always considered him: kind, affectionate and passionate. German was driven by a fiery passion – the enjundia of Quijote – a passion that he always displayed in fighting at the forefront for the ideas in which we believe. Many still remember when, in a bid to meet a local Mayor who continued to avoid him, he decided to pitch a tent with his family in front of the Municipal buildings and patiently wait for an opportunity to put forward his case to support a group of presidium producers. And his perseverance has been rewarded over and over again!

We pay tribute to German for everything he has done for the Slow Food family. The memory of his great compassion will contintue to be a driving force for us in undertaking our work with fervor.

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