The Future of Food Starts in Porto

Slow Food Porto will inaugurate its first conference concerning the future of food and agriculture in Portugal, starting on May 12th. The first day of the Food Futures Congress will take place in the Salão Nobre of Maia’s City Hall and in the Quinta da Gruta Environmental Education Complex. A second day, May 13th, will take place in Soundwich’s terrace in Parque da Cidade do Porto.

This congress will focus on agriculture and nutrition, subjects like the agri-food industry, the environment, agronomy, food, healthy lifestyles, nutritionally education and health will be discuss throughout the two days.

The conference will be guide by three essential vectors: improving consciousness about the importance of providing healthy food, nutritionally educating the consumer, through short distribution channels, as well as promoting the concept of sustainability from the ground up to the table, where we should eat happily surrounded by family and friends.

Slow Food President Carlo Petrini, who will be speaking at the event, said: “As Slow Food we need to underline the importance of this kind of congress. In this moment, spreading information at different levels is the most important tool in our society. People deserve to know what they are eating, how their food is made and how their choices can change the food system. We mustn’t forget that every time we are in front of a supermarket shelf, or at a farmers’ market, we are voting for the future of our children.”

Other speakers at the vent include Rui Rosa Dias, Chairman of the Slow Food Association of Porto and Pedro Graça, Director of the National Program for the Promotion of Healthy Eating, of the Direção Geral de Saúde.

The Food Futures Congress is intended for everyone who is sensitive to and aware of the crucial role food takes in society, and the guiding principles of fairness, responsibility and sustainability in agricultural practices. Production, marketing and consumption should be in line with this philosophy, aspiring to ally the pleasure of genuinely good food with the consciousness that food can and must be environmentally sustainable.

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