Food and Identity on Screen

Ston is a peaceful town on the Peljesac peninsula, 40 km from Dubrovnik. Its ancient name, Stagnum, recalls the swampy nature of the surrounding area, where one can now admire the wonderful salt marshes. From September 14 to 18 this Croatian town, known for mollusc farming (oysters and mussels) and for the production of the excellent Plavac Mali wines, will host the second edition of the Kinookus Gastro Film Festival.

This year’s edition, dedicated to “Food and Identity”, will present an international selection of short films, feature films and, above all, documentaries that reflect on the importance and role of food in forging a community identity and the relationship between gastronomy and territory.

Thirty-five films will be presented from Italy, France, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, United States, Turkey, Great Britain, Germany, Montenegro, Holland, Greece, Canada and, obviously, Croatia.
Among the long awaited films, the Greek “Casus Belli”, on the absurdity of our consumer system, and the documentary “How to pick berries”, a traditional activity in Finland currently performed by immigrants will be screened.
 Meanwhile children will see Yogi bear fighting against authorities to prevent Yellowstone Park from being closed.

Thomas Struck, director of the Berlinale Kulinarische Kino section, and Piero Sardo, President of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity, will attend the opening ceremony.

The event was partly organized by the Slow Food Dubrovnik Convivium.

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