Exotic Britain

British home cooks prefer to cook foreign inspired meals according to a new study which explored the cooking and eating habits of 11,000 people last year. The research, commissioned by food company Cauldron Foods, concluded that the British are opting for exotic tastes over their own traditional dishes, with around six out of ten meals following foreign recipes.

Italian and French cuisines were found to be the most popular, together accounting for 24% of the 13 billion meals prepared in kitchens across the country last year. Indian style dishes also were found to be popular and American, Chinese, Mexican, and Greek cooking also make it into the top ten.

With the mixed Portugese and Belgian origins of fish and chips, the multicultural restaurants that spot the high streets and the well-known Chicken Tikka Masala that many say is the national dish, it is no surprise that the English are continuing to mix up their national cuisine into a multicultural swag of favorite ingredients and dishes.

However, traditional dishes from the British kitchen remain very popular at the dinner table, with staple such as bangers and mash and shepherd’s pie accounting for four in every ten meals cooked.

“While some people may bemoan the lack of a strong national culinary heritage in Britain, it’s clear that we Brits are actually some of the most adventurous and cosmopolitan foodies in the world,” said Sarah Riddolls of Cauldron Foods.



Photo from Eat the World

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