EU civil society to von der Leyen: The European Commission Must Publish an Ambitious SFS Law

Civil society organizations, Slow Food included, wrote an open letter to Ursula von der Leyen, calling for the European Commission’s president to move forward with the publication of an ambitious Sustainable Food Systems Law before the end of its mandate.


The letter was signed by over 160 organisations, and states:


In light of the upcoming European elections, we want to express our utmost concern regarding the delay of essential policies related to priority commitments in your mandate, particularly those of the Green Deal which promise to deliver healthy and affordable food to EU citizens.

We urge you to resist misguided and short-sighted calls for a regulatory pause in the Commission’s green agenda and to move ahead as planned with the publication of the FSFS proposal. We expect this major initiative to feature prominently in your State of the Union Letter of Intent that will set out the Commission’s priorities for the remainder of its mandate.

Read the full letter

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