Eat Whale Meat and Save the Planet?

“Eat Whale Meat and Save the Planet”: that’s what a Norwegian pro-whaling lobby is telling people.

In reaction to the study conducted by the High North Alliance (HNA), environmental group Greenpeace said the threat of the extinction of whales is a much more important issue. “The survival of a species is more important than lower greenhouse gas emissions from eating it,” said Truls Gulowsen. “Almost every food is more climate friendly than meat.”

According to the HNA study, harpooning the giant mammal does less damage to the environment than farming lifestock, and greenhouse gas emissions caused by one meal of beef are the equivalent of eight meals of whale meat.
“Basicially it turns out that the best thing you can do for the planet is to eat whale meat compared to other types of meat,” said Rune Froevik of the Alliance.
High North Alliance is a lobbying group that represents the interests of coastal communities in the Arctic.
The study looked at how much fuel whaling boats use, surveying eight out of Norway’s 30 vessels. They found a kilo (2.2 lbs) of whale meat produced 1.9 kilo (4.2 lbs) of greenhouse gases, compared to 15.8 for beef, 6.4 for pork and 4.6 for chicken.

Norway and Japan are the two nations that do the most whaling. They are looking for new ways to promote whale meat. These countries have been condemned by anti-whaling countries because they broke the 1986 mortorium on all hunts. It was imposed as a means to save many whale species from extinction.

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) will hold a special meeting in London this week to review the deadlock between pro- and anti-whaling countries.

Source: Reuters

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