Easter Treats

Transylvania’s recently formed Turda convivium will this weekend seed a city park with 1000’s of chocolate eggs. Around two thousand children will join this huge Easter hunt, which is part of a larger produce fair that hopes to attract 10,000 visitors to the city. Visitors will also enjoy dishes from around 20 local producers and traditional Romanian entertainment.

The convivium has ambitious plans for the future, with a full calendar of events planned including foreign exchanges, seed workshops, a regular producers market beginning in July and a special Christmas event.

Angela Passano is a Slow Food member who lives between two worlds and gastronomic traditions. In her hometown of Genova, Easter is celebrated with traditional dishes of the region: the famous Pasqualina made from artichokes and prescinea (a special fresh cheese curd) and a dish using kid and artichokes from Albenga.

Angela’s second home is in Ecuador, where together with friends she formed the first country’s first convivium. Here, Easter is celebrated with a special soup called francesa. This rich dish is made from high quality grains including white beans, chickpeas, fresh tender corn, lentils, quinoa and morocho (dried cracked corn kernels) which are each cooked separately and then mixed together. Baccalà is added at the last moment, after it has been fried with onions, served with soft cheese, boiled eggs and fried plantain (a type of banana that is only eaten cooked).

From Romania to Ecuador, Happy Easter to all!

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